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What will children learn at Forest Preschool?

The children, over time, will learn how to manage risks and their confidence and self-esteem will develop. When we feel that a child is ready we will introduce simple tool use and campfires. They will learn about fire safety and the safe use of tools as well as basic woodland skills. All of these opportunities improve a child's self-confidence, self-esteem and motor skills. They learn how to share and take turns, they develop confidence in themselves and are able to tell others about their achievements. 

When a child is making something, the focus is on the process itself and not on the end result. Children will be encouraged to complete small achievable tasks. 


Whilst at Forest Preschool your child will develop many personal qualities which are not measured by tests, such as, resourcefulness, motivation, resilience, critical thinking, persistence, determination, curiosity, humour, enthusiasm, empathy and self discipline to name a few!

The opportunities available to children at Forest Preschool are endless. They will be climbing trees, making dens, experimenting in the mud kitchen, measuring, weighing, collecting, sorting, swinging, creating natural art, imaginative play, splashing in puddles, using tools, outdoor cooking, painting with natural ingredients, learning about the seasons, bug hunting and lots, lots more. The children are having so much fun they don't even realise they are learning - the learning opportunities are meaningful.

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