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What to wear

Forest Preschool sessions take place whatever the weather so it is important that your child is dressed appropriately.


In cold weather the children need to wear layers - base layers/thermal bottoms and tops, trousers (not jeans), fleece, waterproof coat, waterproof dungarees or trousers and thermal wellies or snowboots with thick socks. Hat, scarf and gloves too. 


In warmer weather the children will still need to wear their waterproof dungarees together with long sleeved tops and trousers (not jeans). They will need to bring a waterproof coat and fleece too and wear wellies with thick socks.


It does feel a lot cooler under the canopy of the trees even on the hottest summer day.

All children will need to bring a back pack with a complete change of clothes, extra socks, gloves, nappies, wipes, nappy sacks (if required).

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